A bloodbath in Romania…and cilvilised Europe is lunching and dining without a care

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Romania is today feasting on blood of cats and dogs. The general population has been whipped into a frenzy and has become a blood thirsty mob fed by the sensationalist reporting by a local press feeding on rumours and titbits from the government. Everywhere dogs and cats are being killed in their thousands. In many places hundreds are already lying dead, having been killed with bricks and stones, hammers, kicked to dead and rounded up by dog-catchers and taken to Public Shelters where they will be slaughtered in their thousands….in every city dogs are being caught, maimed, slaughtered to the jubilation of the general public, taken away, some to fields outside towns where they are being killed by hunters with guns.  These are the lucky ones….in all areas people have gone crazy, ripping animals to shreds – creating a unimaginable bloodbath of proportions never seen before in Europe.  The easily manipulated population, guided by the media and officials are unleashing on innocent cats and dogs.  These days Romania is reminiscent of Roman Gladiator times…where people revelled in blood and climaxed in the deaths of the unfortunates, who were sent to the Amphitheatres…how this country ever became a part of civilised Europe I will never know….we must show the world what kind of people we are dealing with and we must pray for the souls of animals, for whom any action is now too late…WAKE UP EUROPE…SAY NO, STOP SENDING MONEY TO THIS MADHOUSE.

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  1. […] A bloodbath in Romania…and cilvilised Europe is lunching and dining without a care. […]

    • SilvIa EsCh says:

      so viel nonsens in kommentaren habe ich lange nicht mehr gelesen. man muss sich für diese leute schämen, denn halbwissen ist gar kein wissen.
      was fehlt ist ein gesetz zum schutz der tiere, kastrationspflicht, meldepflicht. so dass man jedes tier zu seinem eigentümer zurück verfolgen kann und diesen dann zur rechenschaft zieht.

      das gilt übrigens für alle anderen länder.

      to read so much nonsense in comments I haven´t long ceased . to be ashamed for these people, because knowing only the half ist like knowing nothing at all.
      what is missing is a law for the protection of animals, castration duty, the duty to report animals. so that you can trace back to its owner every animal and this then pulls the accountable.

      which applies to all other countries.

    • Helga Kronenwerth says:

      no civilized people do killing their animals for pleasure, than actually it’s that what is happening in Roumania, those people want to be accepted in the western countries, no way

  2. Cristian says:

    What are you talking about? Could you please share the source of this information as well?

  3. sabine bürger says:

    Was für ein Scheiß Volk, Morden aus Purer Lust

  4. Hermine Singh says:

    Hört auf unschuldige Tiere zu töten.
    Ihr gehört zur EU also verhaltet euch danach
    Diese Tiere haben eine Chance in einem anderen Land zu leben so wie es auch viele von euren Landsleuten tun.

    • Dana Pietrosu says:

      nicht mit unseren Leaders, die das Geld stellen und die arme Tiere toeten. wir versuchen sie zu retten, aber unsere Moeglichkeiten sind zu klein gegen dieser Diktatur der Roheit!

  5. marj featherstone says:

    What on earth is going on – what is wrong with people they are behaving worse than animals themselves – an animal will only kill for food and to protect itself or its young ones; the people over there are killing for the sake of it!! Why isn’t this madness and cruelty stopped???

    • Dana Pietrosu says:

      because people are ignorant or cruel or indifferent and our government is the leader of these atrocities. a 4 years old child was killed by a dog on a private property: the child had waked away from the park with his older brother, were they were under the supervision of their grandma, after 20 minutes she discovered the 2 boys were missing but decided to wait for them to come back… and the only one to blame is the dog and all homeless dogs and cats! our president, traian basescu was previously the major of bucharest, and he is the initiator of the dogs mass euthanasia, he was the first one to do such a carnage. there are also people that love animals here, but we feel hopeless, we fight against all these without any help. EU should do something about that! a pro killing law is expecting to be voted these days, so please help!!! a few sick people + all the authorities = impossible to stop from inside. nobody’s listening to us or to the poor souls. so, EU Parliament, please do something quick, before it’s to late. it’s already pretty bad, but after this insane law will be approved, it will be hell!!!

  6. Kalle Greve says:

    damned murderers !

  7. is ther anybody in the world to help…???we all go crazy over this blood hunt by the mob

  8. Angelika Redler says:

    hört auf die tiere zu töten

  9. irina mitchell says:

    ihr seid Gott verdammte Kreaturen hört sofort auf die unschuldigen Tiere zu töten ihr seid ein barbarisches Volk wir werden dafür sogen das nie wieder ein Urlauber in euer beschissenes land kommt ihr braucht auf keine hilfe von uns zu warten ihr drecksmörder ihr solltet ausgerottet werdemn ja vernichtet ihr dreckspack verrecken sollt ihr

  10. Athynai says:

    While speaking against animal killing has great merit, this piece of writing is as mindless and manipulative as those sensation-seeking reports it outcries. Pathetic attempt at inflammatory discourse that decries blood thirsty mob actions by exhibiting sterotypical and faulty reactive thinking.

    • Dana Pietrosu says:

      but still true. I am a romanian and a fighter for homeless animals, there are many of the kind, but we have a too much corrupted authorities, starting with the monster Trian Basescu, actual president of our country, former mayor of bucharest and the initiator of cruelty against homeless dogs, so that they can use the money due to the management of this issue in their own interest.

      • Costa says:

        Darling who is fighting for homeless kids? There are old people dying in their homes because after working a lifetime they dont have money for pills and medicine. Who is fighting for them ? I am not saying that is good to kill some dogs but will you contribue with money and time to find a better way . I dont think so. I think we have other priorities!!!!!

      • Dana Pietrosu says:

        Costa: a priority does not exclude the other. I help when I can people and animals. and if you are so concerned about homeless people, do something to help them, don’t judge others for fighting for their cause. there are plenty of people in this country, anyone is free to help a being, human or not. stop criticizing people for being active in a cause just because it wouldn’t be your priority. u do what u have to do for humanity.

  11. Janina Mebus says:

    I think it is not ok what you do with the animals! animals are living beings and have a right to live !

  12. Krüger Regina says:

    Its terrible what you do with this poor animals. Animals are creatures from God as you. Its not right! Shame in you Romania!!!!!

    • Costa says:

      You come and take them away if you think that. You all sit behind a computer and talk like you know everything. You go and see the family of that little boy who was slaughtered and ask them how they feel. Why should we be afraid to send our k8ds to school or to take them to a park?? You tell me why!!!!

      • Diane says:

        Costa, you tell me why Romanians don’t spay and neuter their pets?? If you want the problem to be solved, take the time to spay/neuter. Volunteer groups come out and do this FOR FREE. I donate every month to the spay/neuter programs. How about you? What does your own country do to solve the problem other than beat and poison? If you don’t like the problem, be the one to help stop it in a HUMANE WAY. You sound so silly complaining about a problem that your own people created.

      • Georg Sander says:

        Costa, WHY do you think there are NO stray dogs in our streets? He? It is because the people HERE is a lot more caring. We don’t need to shut or poison dogs and cats here or beat them to death, rip legs and tails off. I’ve seen enough pictures from countries like Romania, Bulgaria, Russia etc. If things like that are happening here, it’s always one single sick and sadistic creature and many many people are hunting them and so does our police. In countries like yours the people are too lazy, they all WANT TO OWN dogs or cats, and as soon as they begin to get older or are puppies or kitties no more, ok, let’s throw them away and get a new one. And WHY are so many injured animals in those “poor innocent” countries? Because it is a sport to chase dogs and beat them to death or hit them with the car. Oh yes, this is so funny. There are no punishments in countries like Romania. Nobody cares. And if there are too many, ok, let’s run a massacre. It’s sporty!!! Know what? Why don’t your people care more about your seniors, your children? Instead of hunting animals. There are even people of Romania, Bulgaria etc. who claim that these facts are true? The problem is that those people are a minority in your country. People who care for their older ones. And who are caring for animals. Go ahead and do something for your land instead of sitting at your laptop.

      • Dana Pietrosu says:

        I’ll tell you why: because their stupid parents neglect them and many of them had pets that they abandoned when they’ve got a kid. because it’s the human who has brought these animals into towns and then left them with no food or shelter. that’s why. these dogs are just a testimony against romanian civilization. that’s why! come on! dogs are the consequence of the chaotic thinking and acting of people in our country, dear costa. any fact is caused by an action, it’s as simple as it can be. physics and logic are saying that. and common sense.

      • RJA says:

        Many of us HAVE taken dogs from your country. I live in Canada and have THREE former street dogs from Romania. I know of many people in the UK and Germany that have adopted Romanian dogs. They are wonderful animals that only needed a chance. Don’t expect others to solve your problems, but solve your problems in a civilized and humane manner! Mass killing will not work because more will breed. Trap/spay/neuter/release programs combined with vaccination WORK because the animals keep the territory but do not breed. It is but common sense and is working everywhere it has been implemented. Next, teach your children to be compassionate, beat, threaten and throw stones at dogs and of course some will become aggressive. That said the majority are not dangerous, they are afraid of humans, and with good reason in your country.
        The child should not have been unsupervised, not even for a moment. Children drown, get hit by cars and all sorts of other things when people let their guard down. Also, I have read reports that state the dog that attacked the child was not a stray, but a guard dog on private property. Either way, a tragic event but being used as an unjustified excuse for a cruel and unnecessary slaughter.

  13. rosi says:

    Hört auf die Tiere zu töten

  14. Carina Blanck says:

    Stop the slauter to the innicent dogs and cats!!!!!!!!

  15. Petra says:

    Was in Rumänien abgeht ist schlimmer als in jedem Krieg, ihr seit die größten Verbrecher aller Zeiten, ihr gehört aus der EU rausgeschmissen, ihr seit so ein schlimmes Volk, das man sich schämen muss ein Mensch zu sein. Ihr tötet einfach alles, ob Hund oder Katz die sich durch nicht kastrieren von der Privatbevölkerung wunderbar vermehrt hat 😦 So schafft man die Probleme nicht aus der Welt in dem man sie alle erschlägt! Seit froh das ich nicht in diesem Land RO bin, denn sonst hättet ihr nichts mehr zu lachen! Ihr seit schlimmer wie in jedem Horrorfilm, Rumänien ich hoffe das diese Menschheit die so was tut untergeht und die wenigen guten die Kraft haben gegen diese Barbarei anzukämpfen! Rumänien Euer Volk und Eure Politik, hat in der EU nichts zu suchen! Ich werde in Zukunft keine Spenden mehr für die Menschen dahin schicken.

  16. heidi says:

    Bitte last entlich die Tiere in Ruhe sonst werdet ihr das gleiche erleiden

  17. Elisabeth Jost says:

    Please, please stop this Ausschwitz on animals! Please do not kill. Say YES to life, it is sacred.

  18. Sunsan says:

    Kick this land of followers (reminds me of the mob that followed Hitler) out of the EU! We don’t want to stand on one step with Holocaust murderers!!!!!

    • Romania says:

      The information presented in this article are false and doesn’t reflect the social reality of Romania. This article is a shame for its author who should be acused of maliciousness!

      • Dana Pietrosu says:

        not really, dear romania. it’s where I live. and I fight against this carnage. well, not all romanians are alike? true. but, as people, we are a shame.

      • RJA says:

        Many of us are in daily contact and work with people who do animal rescue in Romania, and see MUCH photo and video evidence that it most definitely IS true. Romania is one of the worst places on earth to be a dog. If you think we don’t see it, we do.

  19. Amadeus Büttner says:

    Romania is Europes slaughterhouse!!! Back to the middle age, POOR!

  20. Löffler, Sandra says:

    Das Vorgehen ist barbarisch und hat in keiner Weise etwas mit Zivilisation zu tun. Ich persönlich werde freiwillig keinen Cent für solch ein Land geben,schämt Euch !!!

  21. Georg Sander says:

    What do we expect from a land from where only gangs of thieves and burglars are coming to us? THAT’S the answer!!! SHAME ON ROMANIA!!!!!

  22. What kind of people is it? What are they doing in the EU? Throw them out- terrible!!

  23. Marion Burtscheidt says:

    Es ist eine absolute Sauerei was ihr da macht !!!!! Ihr seit in der EU…verhaltet euch auch so !!!!! Ihr seit Mörder und ich hasse euch dafür !!!! und nicht nur ich !!!!! Ich wünsche euch die Pest an den Hals….. !!!! MEIN HASS IST MIT EUCH !!!!!!!!

  24. bogdan says:

    This article is completely based on non-sense. I am from Bucharest and i didn’t see even one dog dead. Instead i saw that that 2 days ago a 4 year old boy was brutally killed by dogs that live on the streets. Dogs that a few years ago have been released after being neutered. We can’t live any more with these dogs on the streets. Over 8.610 people have been bitten last year here in Bucharest. I am sick of so many dog lovers that comment on this issue without knowing the real problems from here. A dogs life is not above a childs life

    • Diane says:

      Hey Bogdan, nobody said a child’s life is worth less than a dog’s life. I agree that not all the dogs can be saved. There is just no way THAT many Romanians will open their homes to these stray dogs, and no way that all the dogs are even suitable as pets. HOWEVER, quite a lot of them would make loyal companions and ALL of the puppies could be raised to be family pets. Nobody is saying that it’s okay to have stray dogs roaming the streets. It’s not. No developed city is overrun with stray dogs. But the problem is much more complex than the media and government make it out to be.

      First of all, the government is corrupt. Funds that have been sent for the purpose of helping the stray dogs have been pocketed by politicians and bureaucrats. Secondly, the mindset of the majority of Romanians is completely messed up. They view stray dogs as filthy and unsuitable as pets–all the while, they pay hundreds of euros to import purebred dogs from other European countries. All you have to do is walk out into the street to find puppies to adopt if you live in Romania, and yet people would rather spend a ton of money that they barely even have just to get a purebred dog. For many Romanians, a pet dog is like a status symbol. There is nothing “cool” about owning a mongrel. But if you own an expensive purebred dog, then it must mean you have money.

      Why must Romanians think this way about living creatures? Underneath their exterior looks, dogs are all the same…just like humans of every race are the same if you look beyond skin color!

      Third, Romanians are not in the habit of spaying/neutering animals. They would rather release their pregnant female dogs than get their dogs spayed. This means the problem will never stop. You can kill thousands of dogs, but it only takes a few survivors to make the problem come back. There’s no excuse for this, not with all the organizations coming out to spay/neuter dogs for free. And the government spreading lies about castrated dogs being more aggressive?? Nothing could be further from the truth!

      Fourth, Romanians need to have more compassion. I’ve seen children throwing rocks and sticks at stray dogs in Romania, and this is a disturbing sight. Children need to be taught how to behave properly around dogs, or else they can be attacked…this is the same even with dogs that are pets. Treat the dogs with respect. Treat them with dignity, because they experience many of the same emotions that humans do. If there are too many dogs, then euthanize them…kill them in as humane a way as possible. Beatings, shootings and poisonings are not acceptable. Improve the shelters. The shelters in Romania are some of the most horrendous environments I have ever seen. Males and females may be allowed to mix and keep breeding even inside the shelter. Dogs kill and eat each other in those horrible cages. They suffer and die slow, painful deaths in the Romanian “death camps.”

      The stray dog problem is multi-faceted and cannot be solved overnight with a mass cull. All that will do is make Romania look brutal, backward, and corrupt. A change in the Romanian MENTALITY is required, and that may take generations. But that is the only long-term solution. The dogs are not to blame. The government w/ its corruption and the people with their twisted ideals, lack of education and accountability…those factors are to blame for this tragedy.

    • Dana Pietrosu says:

      you haven’t seen because you didn’t want to. it seems that the fence of that yard is very high for a 4 years old. there are suspicions about the real cause of his death.

    • RJA says:

      I will say the same to you as I said above – many of us are in daily contact and work with people in Romania who do rescue. Cruelty in your nation to animals is some of the worst on the planet. There is overwhelming photographic and video proof. You are either a liar, or blind.

  25. Paul says:

    I’m Romanian and this article is a lie. No animal was killed in Romania. Also I see comments from people stupid enough to believe the article. Pure manipulative invention.

    Sunsan, who are you to adress such bad words to Romanian nation ( 20 millions people)?

    • Georg Sander says:

      Paul WHO are you? I know that there were killing dogs yesterday that already were adopted from German and Austrian people and ready for transportation. Are you working for your government? Some people here in Germany are telling Auschwitz was a lie…. sorry for the comparation but isn’t it true?

    • Dana Pietrosu says:

      you know what you are saying is a lie, paul. I am romanian too. comme on, we both know what is happening here.

    • RJA says:

      I will say the same to you as I said above – many of us are in daily contact and work with people in Romania who do rescue. Cruelty in your nation to animals is some of the worst on the planet. There is overwhelming photographic and video proof. You are either a liar, or blind.

  26. SilvIa EsCh says:

    thats wrong. you see enough strays brutally killed. Look at Craiova:
    If you learn to spay and neuter instead of misdealing animals you will get no more people getting bite.

  27. Paul says:

    Why racial comments against Romania are not deleted? “Animal lovers” from all Europe should import our dogs to their civilized countries.

    • Diane says:

      Paul, they do. Families from all over Europe adopt Romanian street dogs…the problem is the Romanians don’t spay/neuter their own pets, so the problem never ends.

    • RJA says:

      Many do, and I have adopted three of your street dogs, all the way to Canada. Don’t expect others to solve a problem you created, but solve it in a civilized and humane way. Trap, neuter and release the animals, so they hold the territory but do not breed. COMMON SENSE. Slaughter will not work.

    • Dana Pietrosu says:

      seriously, paul??? this is your best solution for our own mess??? u too love animals, but want stray dogs killed? you only want the best for you without trying to give some work in exchange.

  28. Alex says:

    hi. i am from bucharest, as well. i haven’t seen any of the horrible things described here. i’ve seen no mob and no bloodbath and no animal ripped to shreds. what in god’s name are you talking about? where exactly do these atrocities happen? if you have this information. if you don’t, please check your facts before posting such things. protecting animals is a good cause. but common sense is needed. AT THIS POINT, nobody has taken any decision regarding the dogs’ problem here. the citizens of bucharest will express their opinion in a referendum, by the end of this month. they’ll be asked whether or not they want stray dogs to be euthanized. not beaten to death, but put down, as it happens in other countries. there are dog-loving people in bucharest, as well. they will have their say, as well. and the majority will decide. people who live here will decide. so please understand there’s no national hysteria and no bloodbath happening in romania. that’s all i am going to post, i don’t want to get into any debate with anyone. what i wrote are facts. what i read on this blog simply do not paint the correct picture of the current situation here.

    • Dana Pietrosu says:

      alex, deskide o pagina de google si da un search. du-te la adapostul de la mangalia, sau la craiova, sau in atatea alte locuri gestionate de primarii. ce naiba, trebuie sa ne traga europenii de urechi si sa ne ia iar ca suntem o natie de nimic???? tu kiar nu stii ce se intampla aici, sau nu vrei sa vezi? uita-te si la tv, unde este incurajata uciderea, si o sa vezi. verifica ultima declaratie a lui oprescu.

  29. Diana E. says:

    Why don’t you come and take our dogs to your territory if you love them so much? We would be more than happy to send them to you. In this way, we will eliminate the risk that another child or old woman dies from being EATEN ALIVE!!!!

    • Diane says:

      Are you serious? Did you know that people from other countries ARE ADOPTING ROMANIAN DOGS??? I rescued two puppies from Iasi and now they have loving homes in Germany. TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN COUNTRY INSTEAD OF EXPECTING OTHERS TO DO IT FOR YOU!!!!

      • mrs maureen coakes says:

        i have two Romania dogs one from the death camp not fed no vet care no water very very thin the other one living on the streets thrown out of his home in30 below so cold I know some very lovely people in romania but many are evil vile and cruel be ashamed Romania you have no mercy for the animals in your country I have seen with my own eyes and children dumped on gabbage tips with no one to look after them 2 5 10 year olds who have been help by a group in England send clothes and toys its seems life is cheap in Romania many put in home not fit for any one

      • Georg Sander says:

        Well said.

    • RJA says:

      Many do, and I have adopted three of your street dogs, all the way to Canada. Don’t expect others to solve a problem you created, but solve it in a civilized and humane way. Trap, neuter and release the animals, so they hold the territory but do not breed. COMMON SENSE. Slaughter will not work.
      The child should never have been unsupervised, there are cars on the street and water to drown in somewhere too. And from what I have read, it was not a stray which killed him, it was a guard dog on private property. Tragic story, but it is being used as an excuse.

    • Dana Pietrosu says:

      no, you won’t. all dogs sent to europe, our children will still be in danger as long as people like ionut’s grandma (negligent) and you (…) exist.

  30. FU says:

    To all of you who live in fancy European towns and have no problems whatsoever, and whose only care in this world are “the poor animals from Romania” wich, in reality, are attacking and KILLING PEOPLE on the street or park in the middle of the day, I say this: at any time I agree to switch places with you. Why don’t you come and live here, with the fear of being at least bitten by a dog every time you go out? Why don’t you come here to see how you can’t even use your bike, on the BOULEVARD, without being chased by dogs every 50 meters? Please, come here, live like us, and maybe after we can talk about “the poor animals” that “don’t attack if they’re not attacked”. And I will come and live in your place, in your fancy clean and quiet town. Deal? What, you think that if you killed your homeless dogs a hundred years ago, you are smarter? To all the German guys I say this: please read how Germans got rid of homeless dogs in Bucharest after WW 1. They even killed the dogs who belonged to someone, because they dared to BARK from THEIR yard. That’s why you don’t have this problem today, because someone took care of it in a time where a HUMAN life was ABOVE a dog’s life. But today it seems that’s not the case anymore. And, finally, to the author of this article and blog: NO DOG OR CAT WAS KILLED in Bucharest, as you wrote. Not even the dog that killed the little boy. But hey, drama sells good, doesn’t it?

    One final word: GOD did NOT made us equals to animals. Think about that. If you believe in (any) God, that is.

    • corina says:

      I subscribe to your comment. Fellows from Romania, no matter how shitty the president is, is not his fault that child was murdered by dogs, No matter how awful people seem to you, we are not equals to animals, we think, we are evolved, we have language. That’s why we are superior to other animals, because we are supposed to think, some of you apparently don’t think at all, or think with your asses…how the fuck would you go to a foreign webside and throw mud at your nation? how? For stray dogs? I ask you one question and one question only: how many of you got into their homes a stray dog?
      This article is pure bullshit, and you know it very well. If you want to do smething for those dogs, take them into your homes, love them, feed them and never give them away, like never.
      My two cents, as a person who took 5 stray dogs into it’s house and owns another 4 of it’s own and apart from the dogs owns 12 cats, all of them gathered from the streets.
      So until you do something, shut the fuck up and don’t make us the clowns of Europe.

      • Diane says:

        I lived in Romania for one year in a small, 1-bedroom apartment with a little baby. Even then, I found time to bring two stray puppies from the park into my home. Too many Romanians are full of excuses. If a mother of a small baby can rescue two puppies in a short period of time, then any Romanian can do it, too.

        Do you know what’s really funny? Nobody cared about the puppies when they were on the street. But the second I washed and cleaned them, and made them look cute, all these Romanians were stopping me and asking me if I could sell the puppies to them. See something wrong with this picture? Of course I refused to let them go to Romanian homes, because I knew that the second they grew up and were no longer cute puppies, they’d be left in the streets again.

    • RJA says:

      Anyone who believes in God knows that we were instructed to care for animals. I know many people in Romania who do rescue, and none of them are afraid to go out and care for dozens and dozens of abandoned animals on a daily basis, so saying you are afraid to walk down the street does not convince me. I know from people who live in the region, that children are taught to fear dogs from an early age. There is fear when there does not need to be, and in reality, it is the dogs who need to fear the humans. Most are not a threat to anyone.

    • Diane says:

      I don’t blame you for not wanting to live in Romania. I lived there for one year and was dying to leave. But it wasn’t because of the stray dogs, I can tell you that. It’s because of the government and the people’s general lack of care toward their own country. I saw politician’s homes were like these huge, tacky mansions, while the regular citizens live in tiny, smelly apartment buildings which nobody maintains. Let me ask you…are all the potholes and dirty buildings the fault of the dogs? No. It’s the people who can’t, don’t and won’t take care of their own country, and instead try to find something easy to blame. The dogs have no voices and no rights, so why not blame them for your problems, right? Believe me, when animal lovers come to Romania, they come back just to help the dogs, not because something about Romania was so great that they wanted to go back. Would they want to go back to help the dogs if the dogs were all beasts as you say, attacking people left and right? No. I shared my apartment w/ 2 street dogs while I was there, and my husband’s Romanian friends thought I was crazy for bringing them home. Then they were impressed that I found homes for them in Germany. Nobody even thinks to explore a better solution. They think DEATH is the best solution. Nobody bats and eye or lifts an arm to help, yet they complain away about how much it sucks. I bet these foreigners commenting on this blog have done more to help your country than you have. Before you go and attack the people who raise an eyebrow to Romania’s policies, sit down and think for a second what YOU have done as a Romanian citizen to make your country a better, more respectful place.

    • Dana Pietrosu says:

      wow! great, now god gave us the right to torture animals! another religious one who only cares about his own good. stupid people that don’t wanna assume the responsibility for their and their ancestors actions. so europe, that doesn’t have this pb because they’ve actied wisely, should come and clean our mess, coz we only like good life without caring to look after our treasure – yeah, animals are a treasure and a blessing, it’s not their fault that humans abandoned and tortured them. god made us superior in order to take care of all his creation, not to abuse it. “with great power comes great responsibility” you religious fanatic or hypocrite.

  31. Claudia says:

    Unbelievable that Romania belongs to the EU.
    You don’t have a Soul, you don’t have a Heart and you don’t have a brain. Romania is Not worth being a member of the EU because they are barbaric and ignore life. Life of People and Life of animals. Goodbye Romania.

    • Costa says:

      Darling we can speak ure language ,can you speak ours?? So tell me who doesn’t have a brain. You talk of heart and soul but i can bet there are simply some words from you. Why dont you go bacck to your petty existance and let Romania deal with it’s own problems. And for all of you that you know to throw dirt at us why dont you look in ure backyards….. if you cant see i will telll you what is in them.

      • Claudia says:

        Don’t call me Darling, Costa.
        So, in your opinion the only solution to solve the problem with the stray dogs is to kill them?????

      • Diane says:

        Darling, your English is terrible. And, yes, we would expect you to speak English since all the Hollywood movies you love so much are in English. Nobody watches movies in Romanian unless they’re Romanian.

        Romanians are the petty ones. They buy expensive purebred dogs (as status symbols) from other nations then refuse to raise them properly or spay and neuter their pets. Kill all the strays and within a couple of years, your beloved purebred pets will be abandoned on the streets again to breed a whole new population of street dogs. It’s the uneducated mentality of many Romanians that contributes to this problem. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS. Dogs are not status symbols. You cannot claim to love dogs but then only care about the ones with pedigrees.

      • RJA says:

        If Romania wants to be considered a civilized place, it needs to behave that way.

      • Dana Pietrosu says:

        this is why we are not like the rest of the “fancy europe” “darling” costa: because we are “dealing with this in our own way”. go do some brain training and then maybe you’ll be able to thing and after even speak
        p.s. parrots can speak any language they hear

    • Ana says:

      I’m asking you very nicely to come and take them with you in your country.thank you!

      • valeria says:

        that’s the spirit, Ana 🙂

      • Diane says:

        Ana, I am American and I saved two puppies from Romania, both of which now have homes in Germany. I know other Americans who have brought Romanian strays to homes in America….dogs that are missing legs, dogs that Romanians would spit on. How about you take care of your own messed up priorities and stop expecting the world to take care of your problems???

      • RJA says:

        I have taken 3 Ana, I am in Canada. Now please start spaying and neutering and caring for your dogs, because the thousands of us who have adopted Romanian dogs, can’t keep taking more because your people have not learned yet.

    • valeria says:

      This post that we are commenting on is full of lies. It claims that the population is manipulated but YOU are, the readers of this blog. I live in Bucharest, where are you living??? I’m young but mature, I’m smart, I’m a woman. You must live here before having so sharp opinions.
      The main lie – “Everywhere dogs and cats are being killed in their thousands. In many places hundreds are already lying dead” and so on…
      I really don’t have time to refer to all lies in this post. And who is the author that you are so fast to believe???

      • Claudia says:

        Hi Valeria, so whom can we believe if you say the article is a lie?
        It doesn´t make sense to fight to each other and accuse each other.
        We or much more better Romania finds a human solution for the stray dogs and this is not to kill them. I still believe there must be another solution and I still believe in humanity.

  32. valeria says:

    I live in Romania and children (human beings) are killed on the street and recreational areas by homeless and almost savages dogs, Stop comment if you live in safe towns. Come by first and spend some weeks on our streets, especially in Bucharest.

    • Diane says:

      Valeria, I did live in Romania for one year. I lived there with a small baby and my Romanian husband. Not a single time did a stray dog try to attack me. Instead, I saw Romanian children throwing rocks and sticks at the dogs. I saw dead dogs torn apart by cars on the street. Stop making out these dogs to be evil creatures, when they are only domesticated animals trying to survive. The statistics show that very few people are attacked by these dogs, despite the great number of dogs on the streets. These dogs have been betrayed by the humans that made them. If you don’t want stray dogs, the answer is SIMPLE. Learn to see them as pets. Learn to adopt them from the streets when they are still young puppies. Spay and neuter them before they reach sexual maturity. Spay and neuter all pets, and stop breeding more, not even purebred dogs! Nobody in Romanian should be breeding purebred dogs until the street dogs have been managed humanely. The only dogs that should ever be bred on purpose in Romania are your national breeds…the smartest and most healthy ciobanesc mioritic, carpatin, etc. only because they are your national breeds and should be preserved. All the rest should be SPAYED/NEUTERED. Only once you clean up your streets of this problem should anybody consider breeding more puppies.

      • Maria says:

        One question Diane: what about the dogs that are too savage, now in the streets, already mature and aggresive, dogs that even if they are spayed/neutered, will continue to tear people apart? I agree that the solution is not Euthanasia alone, but a mix of solutions, but until the ideal situation described by you can happen, what about the 60.000 dogs existing on the streets that nobody wants to adopt, since they are too savage and bite their way around? If you have witnessed a situation like this, in your country, then please provide a solution that can take care of this as well, not just the ideal one. Until then, children aged 4 will continue to die, because nobody, not even you, would dare to come close to these dogs.

        And Btw, the article is a complete lie. Nowhere in Romania does this thing happen. What are the sources for this article? And why are you, intelligent people as you claim to be, deciding that this is the ultimate truth, before checking what reality is?

      • Laura says:

        Spaying/neutering does not remove dogs’ teeth. Nor does it keep the dogs away from the streets, where, as you said, they run the risk of being torn apart by cars. I appreciate your compassion, and I appreciate your being part of the solution, but your reaction and prescription are emotional and, as already proven, inefficient. We need to face the facts, just like Americans did when cities and suburbs were overrun by deer, which were causing hundreds of car accidents (hunters were hired by local administrations on the East coast — again, with a lot of resistance from animal lovers). The problem is too big now, in part because NGOs and international good Samaritans (like Bardot) did not allow Romania to implement legislation that has been the norm in European countries for years. Projecting our feelings and fears onto animals is not the solution. Having diplomats and children killed by stray dogs makes Romania look medieval, not its attempt to keep dangerous animals under control.

        This entire debate would feel like less of a waste of time should it take place on a blog that presented facts rather than propaganda…

      • Mircea says:

        Diane, I live for 41 years in Romania. I don’t hit dogs or disturb them in other ways but I was attacked for many times by the stray dogs each year. Lucky for me, I was not bite until now. But for bikers or for postal office workers the dogs are a nightmare. So I have a big question mark about the accuracy of your comment.

      • Diane says:

        Mircea, don’t believe me if you don’t want to. Do you know what I worried about when I walked out into the street with my son in a stroller by myself? I worried about the gypsies who would come to me and beg me for money. I worried they would try to rob me. The dogs didn’t do that. Mircea, if you’re so frightened by these dogs, how about you encourage everyone you know to spay/neuter their dogs? That’s where the problem is coming from.

  33. ursula bachmann says:

    Herr, vergib ihnen n i c h t , denn sie wissen genau , was sie tun !!

  34. Ramona says:

    Stray dogs are on the streets because barbaric romanian people throw the puppies in the streets when their female dog is breeding. It is difficult for these stupid people to spay/neuter the dogs. The money were stolen by public administration and politicians instead of solving the problem by catching the dogs/pay/neuter and return. I do not like dogs in the streets to starve, to be thirsty to be abused. People are responsable.The politicians and mayors would not admit they have stolen the money and have a profitable business with these stray dogs.Now these barbarians want blood shed. Politicians and bought media instigate these ignorant people against the victims ( the dogs). If they kill all the dogs this year, next year will be at least as numerous dogs in the streets because people keep on throwing the puppies in the streets.This is not to solve but to revenge, to give the masses a cheap satisfaction, to keep them busy from the real issue that is Rosia Montana and cyanide gold extraction which is poisoning the land for their greed. Romanians are ignorant, lazy, dirty and savage population. It is easy to be ruled. “Lets kill the dogs” and they will be satisfied. Shame on the ignorant shame on the politicians and manipulated media.

  35. Dude. Are you crazy?! Wake up !! There is nothing happening here!!

    Yes, a child has been murdered by a stray dog ( it’s all over the news ) and yes ( because of that ) there is going to be a referendum on the 29th so we can figure out what we can do with all the stray dogs ( lots of them ) roaming around the capital …

    But there is no massacre on the streets and most of us don’t even have the courage to go against a pack of stray dogs ( we are mostly a country of geeks 😉 ) …

  36. lynn woodnansey says:

    I cant put into words what im feeling at this moment in time. My hearts breaking with all this sadness. These people should be rounded up and slaughtered like these gentle souls are. Xxx

  37. Diane says:

    Maria & Laura:

    Nobody here is suggesting that vicious dogs be spared. If a dog attacks a human, it should be put down. This happens in all countries. However, over here, we do not blame ALL DOGS for the actions of a few. Furthermore, when the dogs need to be killed, why must it be done so cruelly? Have you not heard of the lethal injection? The lethal injection is no walk-in-the-park but it is still more humane than beatings and poisonings.

    Spaying/neutering a dog removes the instincts that make them go crazy twice a year. Males fight and become aggressive to mate with females. Females must become aggressive to defend their puppies. If you remove their reproductive organs, they WILL CALM DOWN. I know this because when I adopted my dog from the shelter, he was quite aggressive. I neutered him and showed him that humans can be loving. Now he is one of the most loving dogs I know and he follows me around everywhere.

    Yes, vicious dogs need to be put down. But, only a small percentage of these street dogs attack people. A lot of them are more scared of people than people are of them. A lot of them have endured unspeakable horrors, and this changes them.

    If you think my reaction is emotional, how about the irrational emotions Romanians have been displaying toward all street dogs because of the actions of a few? If a few dogs attack someone, does that mean ALL of them are dangerous?

    • cristian says:

      You are a mother as well. I am asking to put yourself for a moments in Ionut’ s mother’ s place. Feel her pain. Ionut is the little boy who was killed by the dogs. Just try to imagine his last moments on this world. Can you do this? Now go and hug you child and thank God it wasn’t your baby in that situation.
      But u are right about something: this situation was created by humans, by us. And is our problem. Let us handle the situation and stop giving us solutions. U saved 2 dogs, but out there are thousands. Stop judging.
      ps: I’m sorry for my english, I hope you can speak a better romanian since u lived here for a year.

      • Diane says:

        Yes, I am a mother. And as a mother, I would NEVER leave my son alone around dogs I don’t know. I have 2 dogs adopted from the shelter, and they have both shown that they are not aggressive with my son, but I STILL never leave my son alone with my dogs. It’s called being responsible. Ionut’s grandmother, she may be sad, but she was the responsible adult. Dogs act on instinct. Children do not know any better. BUT THE ADULTS ARE RESPONSIBLE. Tell me, would you leave your small children to play unattended in a public park? Even if there are no dogs running around, do you think it’s safe to do that? I would never do that.

        Yes, I saved 2 dogs. All of my husband’s Romanian friends were born in Romania and live in Romania their whole lives and have not saved 1 single dog from the street. Instead, they buy purebred golden retrievers and german shepherds from other European countries and bring them to Romania, and then let them have puppies. More puppies! If a foreigner can come to your country and rescue 2 puppies while raising a child in a small apartment, tell me, what are your excuses? Nobody is asking you to bring all the dogs to your home. But if each person who cares even a little bit about animals does just 1 small thing (even if it is to visit the shelter and help feed the dogs for 1 meal), then you can make a difference. The problem is that everyone is lazy and everyone has excuses and the culture there is that street dogs are nothing. Street dogs are no different than purebred dogs. One could argue that they are even smarter and hardier than your purebred dogs who will develop genetic problems within a couple of years.

      • RJA says:

        Cristian, what happened to the child is extremely tragic, and it happens in every country, but usually the dogs are owned. I have read reports that the dog which killed him was not a stray but a guard dog on private property. EITHER way, he should not have been unattended for even a moment. Will you remove all cars from the street when a child is knocked down? Will you drain every pond, swimming pool and fountain when a child drowns because the caregiver looked away for even a moment?

    • RJA says:

      Well said, the majority of dogs are not aggressive, and those that are, would perhaps be less so with better treatment.

    • Laura says:

      The dog that killed the child recently WAS neutered. There are more than 60,000 stray dogs in Bucharest alone, and 16,000 bite-related hospitalizations and doctor visits were reported last year. Imagine how many went unreported. How can you tell which ones are/were/will be violent? And who said anything about cruelty? These dogs would be given lethal injections, just like in the EU. Again, let’s stick to the facts rather than base our decisions on rumors or limited personal experience.

      • Diane says:

        It takes months for the preexisting testosterone to leave a dog’s system after neutering. The effects of neutering are even less apparent after the dog has already had a long, reproductive life. The earlier you neuter a dog, the better for the dog’s behavior and personality. My dog will continue to “mark” his territory even though he was neutered, but it was because he was neutered too late in life. Neutering is not a “magic answer” to behavioral problems, but it is a magic answer to the overpopulation problem!

        You don’t need to “tell” which ones will be violent. Teach your children to be respectful of the animals. Tell your government to stop misappropriating funds meant for the dogs–that way they won’t be starving and fighting to stay alive.

        Yes, these dogs guilty of the attack probably received lethal injections because of the media surrounding this case. Do you think the rest are so lucky? Doubtful. I’ve seen undercover videos of dogs getting bludgeoned to death in shelters. Maybe you should open your eyes, too. Have you seen the conditions in the shelters? It’s horrific. Try visiting some before you talk about how humane Romanians have been toward these dogs.

      • Diane says:

        By the way, in Los Angeles alone, about 45,000 dogs end up in shelters every year. 70% of those dogs are rescued and adopted. All of them must be spayed/neutered before adoption. All of them are microchipped so that their owners can be identified for life. If only 70% of the dogs in Romanian shelters were adopted into loving homes, maybe you guys wouldn’t have this huge problem. The problem is, Romanians do not see shelters as a place to adopt a pet. How many people do you know that went to shelters when they wanted to get a dog? Romanians see shelters as a place to stick unwanted dogs until they die. This mentality must change if you want your country to change.

      • RJA says:

        Lethal injections? I have seen a video of lethal injections in a public shelter in Romania. A small terrified puppy, wriggling and screaming, put roughly down on the floor, stood on by a large man to keep it still, and a large needle straight into the heart (unless he missed) with no sedation first. (The “drug” used in Romania? Normally paint thinner, bleach, gasoline etc. and hours later after much agony the animal finally dies.) Then thrown hard at a cement wall to land on a pile of other dead and dying dogs. Yes this is the HUMANE approach??? And I am sure there will be none poisoned, beaten, hung or any of the other methods which we have all seen many photographs and videos of from your country? WAKE UP to the hell that is life for dogs in Romania, the rest of the world has!

  38. This kind of treatment of any animals show how barbaric and unfeeling humans can be. They are so easily swayed and led around by the nose. I, for one, would never spend any of my money going to that country as long as that kind of behaviour is tolerated! Get a grip on your motions people!

  39. cristian says:

    Yes we are barbaric, but thank God we kill only dogs. Americans are the ones who get ready to start a war in Syria. But right killing humans is not important.

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