3 thoughts on “A bloodbath in Romania…and cilvilised Europe is lunching and dining without a care

  1. Ich bin gegen das Morden der Tiere

  2. Lisa Moore says:

    So the EU say they do not interfere with matters within a sovereign state, but surely they are allowed, and should want to, question the ruling powers in Romania and ask where all the EU funding has gone, that we, EU tax payers, have given them to sort this problem out humanely. They have relied on the kindness of volunteers who secure foreign funding to spay/neuter what ever dogs they can. Now this mass slaughter is happening, even to the strays that have been marked as spayed/neutered. Dog catchers get approx 120 Euro per dog, Dog catchers are usually family/friends of the town Mayor, these payments are being made by the Romanian people from their taxes, not EU funding – that is being squandered away by the politicians! This just makes me so very sad and very, very angry.

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