What Will Europe do about Romania

The media Frenzy in Romania is reaching new heights just now, with the actual President of the Country Traian Basescu broadcasting live on TV that he will be asking Parliament for emergency Powers to kill all strays that are not adopted after a live, effectively overriding the laws of the country, enabled by the Opt-out of the Lisbon Treaty that Romania managed to negotiate, whilst still received HUGE Sums of money to sort out its stray population.  So this is what it comes down to…..a mass murder of dogs in the middle of the European Union, watched with dis-interest by Commissioners hiding by, guess what, the time-honoured line…….we cannot interfere in the running of sovereign states…..how many times have you heard that line…isn’t it funny, they interfere constantly when it suits them??  Romania has had funding and time to sensibly sort out its street dogs, but have elected to swindle the money whilst the problem remains as big as ever.  The state of Romania has for a number of years pushed the problem of saving, neutering, feeding and exporting dogs onto its local private rescuers, receiving donations from abroad from people who care about the future of dogs.  The state has sat back and done nothing and is now paying for it.  If the mass killing goes ahead, as it certainly will, Romania’s reputation in Europe will be ever worse.  Most Europeans already do not understand why Romania receives vast sums of money, why Romanian Gypsies beg and steal in every European capital and most Europeans love dogs or at least will not understand and condone mass killings. This decision made on the back of media hysteria will end up being a classic “own-goal”.  Eventually Europe will have to deal with the problem child that Romania is.  If this goes ahead I will double my determination to out every Romanian Fraudster and corrupt politician that is now to blame for this impossible situation. I will spend my days showing pictures of tortured, killed and maimed dogs for all to see.  Romania has an opportunity RIGHT NOW to choose a different path, to admit that it has failed and ask for help. There are many organisations that can co-ordinate, fund and manage mass neutering of the stray population, who can effectively run public shelters and help ensure the safety of the stray and human populations….why doesn’t Romania choose a better future….?

5 thoughts on “What Will Europe do about Romania

  1. Mona Alexa says:

    It is an entire propaganda going on now in Romania. From 24h TV channels talking about it,inviting politicians etc till newspapers. They lie, omit to say things,hide the truth:( History seems to repeat itself. And this time just about 10 years distance:(

  2. Tanya Holman Clark says:

    I’m willing to do anything to help

  3. Paula doran says:

    The senseless slaughter of dogs in Romania is sickening. Look at other European countries & how they use neutering as a solution

  4. Why should the country be given funding and not use it?? Surely this is THEFT on a massive scale?? Please do not let this mass murder go ahead. Hitlers Henchmen had to answer for the same thing, but it was Jews not dogs. And lets be honest, at the time, Jews were of the same importance as these dogs.

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