Romania has a PR Problem, 3rd September 2013

ImageYesterday a small child was killed by dogs outside a park in Bucharest, having wondered from the park and away from the supervision of his grandmother. Today international media is busy broadcasting the story, supplying background information from the local police  quoting 1100 bites to people by stray dogs January to April 2013 and at least 2 further deaths by strays….but guess what, they have to go all the way back to 2011 to find a further example and right back to 2006 to find yet another.  Any other country has more deaths per year “caused by dogs” than Romania, so the strays are not the problem. Last night, under the cover of darkness the killing of strays began in Bucharest as revenge for the little boy who died. The authorities using the story as an excuse to kill, having gained a brief moment of international sympathy.  Let me tell you this; if the local authorities want to use the world media want to wage war on strays, they will NOT win.  The world needs to know the truth which is a far cry from this single tale of human tragedy. The cruelty by the majority of Romanians towards its stray population unimaginable and the world should be weeping for the dogs. Romania is hell on earth for dogs and for the harassed rescuers who are brave enough to try and help the dogs to a better future. Most children will learn early to kick, beat and kill puppies and kittens for fun.  Public shelters have hundreds of tragic dogs; sick ones, pregnant ones, old ones lying around in their own faeces given little or no water or food. Some are injured with broken backs and legs from being mistreated by the Shelter staff and dog catchers.  After a few days if they live that long, they are simply wacked with blunt instruments and killed.  Often, the shelter will close for a few days to carry out these barbaric acts away from the attention of the public or the media. Every day in Romania, tiny Puppies and kittens are torn from their mothers and dumped in the field…or rivers or directly in to waste bins for crushing when the waste truck comes around. There are countless examples, it happens daily and you will soon find albums on my FB page of these.  The albums will be updated regularly, so you can see I speak the absolute truth.  On the streets, desperate dogs “fight” every day to find food and water and shelter, driven by instinct to save their puppies, most of which, will not survive even so. Most people walking the streets will not even give a bowl of tap water to a thirsty dog.  It is no less than a travesty and Romania is the shame of Europe. The life of a stray in Romania is a daily hell with only the promise of an even more agonising death to come. Why is it so?  Well you would think the ca. 500m Euro the European Union aimlessly throw at Romania every year ear-marked for this would help and assist in a good solution, both for the stray and human populations and this problem would be long gone? It is not however, thanks to the fact the money doesn’t ever reach the dogs.  With 500m Euro, Romania could spay 20m dogs at the current rate of ca. 25 Euro per dog.  Romania doesn’t have 20m dogs so there would be plenty of money left over to help the stray population; build water stations, feeding stations and shelters that are NOT killing stations, but of genuine help to the dogs.  This nasty, backward country chooses not to…the money disappears like sand through fingers, quietly into pockets where it doesn’t belong.  Dear Romania, I am telling you, you will not win the PR war on strays, I will show the world kind of country you are. One by one, I will write about all of you, the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats who steal the money I, as a working European, help supply.  I am a European citizen and I didn’t sign up for this. Earnest Underdog

61 thoughts on “Romania has a PR Problem, 3rd September 2013

  1. Bobi32 says:

    Fuck off … you wouldn’t write this shit if that was your kid … I also have a dog but we have to face that Romania and especially Bucharest has a stray problem !

    • Samuel says:

      I wouldn’t say fuck off if I was you,the grandmother should have taken more interest in her grandson then he wouldn’t have wondered if the Romanian government had used that very large some of money they received from the EU there wouldn’t be so many strays

    • RJA says:

      And the solution to the problem is more cruelty? Mass slaughter will NEVER work, as any that remain or are released in future, will quickly breed up the numbers again. HUMANE trap/neuter/release, combined with vaccination and education of the public, are what WORKS everywhere in the world it has been implemented. I know many people involved in rescue in Romania, and the majority of the strays are not aggressive or a threat, quite the opposite. They are just sad, cold, hungry, sick, injured and frightened. I have adopted 3 former street dogs from your country, and they are wonderful, loving, loyal companions. All they needed was a chance.

    • Maura Ivan says:

      I guess the Underdog would have and so would I! For one “guilty” starving and abused dog you don’t wipe out the entire dog specie. Otherwise why would YOUR dog still be alive..? Be reasonable and remember, no one knows the circumstances of the little boy’s death..
      The Underdog speaks/ writes the truth. I was born in Romania and lived there witnessing horrors against these poor friendly souls day in, day out for many years until I moved to Canada. And I can tell you this: I’m scarred for life! Animal lovers in Romania have little resources to help and protect these animals, and the law is not on their side. Do your research first!

    • And the way to resolve it is to spay/ neuter, vaccinate.Not kill.They did not ask to be born or to be treated in such a barbaric way by rumanian butchers and sadists who enjoy killing, kicking & beating animals to death.

  2. Kiia-Maria says:

    Thank You Ernest for telling the bloody truth of Romanian politicians and bureaucrats. You are not alone in this battle.
    Br, Kiia-Maria Vasko
    President of Pro Animals Finland, registered association

  3. Rachel says:

    Similar to situation in Bulgaria. An elderly man was killed the other year after being chased by stray dogs in the capital, after that began a mass rounding up and killing. Practically encouraged here by many.

  4. loon says:

    Shame on Romania! I will never ever visit such a heartless mean corrupted country. what kind of monsters lives there, horrorble!

  5. purplepetra says:

    this is terrible; the children need proper education too, how to treat animals well otherwise nothing will change

  6. well said and everything so true!

  7. Sandra Leukhardt says:

    Please help these dogs!

    • Bangi says:

      We own a roemanian dog, he is nice dog, not all dogs have to pay for what one or a few dogs did!.Should we kill all men because somebody start a war? I am really sorry for the little boy, i wish the family lots of strengt..

  8. […] Romania has a PR Problem, 3rd September 2013. […]

  9. jaypot2012 says:

    Have shared this on my own journal and added my own opinion about this. My first dog who we only got in the middle of last month is from Romania and is so grateful for anything you do and give her 🙂 We have another coming at the end of this month who we know has been abused. She has never been in a home, never known love and is going to be a bit of a challenge to calm. But hey, with another dog here and the love we will have to share, also lots of her own things, she should hopefully settle soon.
    I am disgusted with the way these “people” treat their animals and am also horrified of what they will do to our animals when they are allowed to come to the UK at the end of the year!

  10. jhkhkhkhjkhj says:

    Shut the f** up! You don´t know what you are talking about!

  11. The truth & nothing but the truth ,well said ,it cannot continue

  12. Doggy_nightmare says:

    honestly…for one…KILL THEM ALL ( the stray’s i mean ) if u wanna save them take them all in your own home but dont let me catch a single dog growling at me…because i will KILL that dog gladly !!!!!

    • Samuel says:

      You are a fucking imbecile

    • RJA says:

      Yours is the attitude that perpetuates the problem. Many of us HAVE adopted some of YOUR dogs, I have three former street dogs from Romania – really loyal, loving companions. If you want to solve the problem, use your brain instead of your mouth. Killing loads of dogs will not work, the remaining dogs, or those released by bad owners, simply keep breeding and increase again. Trap neuter, release, vaccination and kind treatment work. TNR programs have been put into action in many areas of the world, and they WORK.

  13. cristina says:

    Good! I love this article.

  14. stylishpets says:

    Please tell the world about this carnage… This country doesn’t deserve to be European!!! They throw dogs on the streets and after they cry for the children that dyed…. The authorities don’t want to resolve the problem!!! The dogs eat themselves alive in the shelters, the dog catchers kill them in all barbarian ways you can imagine!!!!! The authorities only want the money behind the strays!!!!

    • purplepetra says:

      saying Romania doesn,t deserve to be European doesn,t solve the problem of the strays – if anything if they join the EU they will have to adhere to strict rules on animal treatment, amongst others

  15. IRENE says:


  16. Irm Hoffmann says:

    ASK four paws for Help, they do!

  17. Irm Hoffmann says:

    Men are idiots, animals are innocently

  18. Wally Ruppert says:

    Die Bestie Mensch muss gestopt werden,die armen Tiere, das ist ja furchtbar. Europa und die Welt muss wach werden und endlich den armen Geschöpfen helfen!!!

  19. marion larrigan says:

    I have a dog from Romania,and it was the work of the good people who try to help the stray dogs ,who saved the life of the one I have , neutering the strays is the answer to the dog population , also water and feed should be placed for them to find . The Romanian government should be ashamed of itself for allowing the cruelty to these sad dogs and cats to continue . Shelters should be built to accommodate the dogs and the dogs trained to be got ready for homes with families who can appreciate the good work dogs do , Dogs save Lives, seeking humans in snow storms , earthquakes, they help in war clear mines etc, help blind people to walk freely about , there are dogs to help deaf people and who can help sick people , they smell cancer out for doctors, they tell epileptic people that an attack is coming they guard their families at home , Romania has a valuable source of help for humans in its dog population ,Import some good DOG TRAINERS.NOW.

  20. aaand.. lets not talk about the fact that the grandmother of the child was supposed to watch the child while he was playing. She left him alone for like an hour… he run away from the park where he was supposed to be, and after that… BOOM… all dogs are supposed to die.

  21. nicole schuster says:

    Bodenlose frechheit das gleiche müsste man mit euch machen !!!!!

  22. Sharen Campbell says:

    You savages

  23. eufrosina says:

    Totally agreeing upon this!!! Congratulations for the article!

  24. Andrea Huber says:

    Stop this cruelty and massacre!!!

  25. Roxana says:

    Sad, so sad. We must help and I mean each of us must help to not killing the dogs but to make shelters not expensive for the dogs

  26. Sofie Karlsson says:

    I siffror som much Witherspoon the dogs …. I want to save them all ! Please stop !!!!!

  27. Dont take the dogs life .help instead

  28. cristweety says:

    Listen buddy, before acting like Mesiah and pointing the finger with so much infatuation, you should look back in the yard of your beloved charities that launder loads of cash in the name of the poor animals. You would better show the world how these NGOs adopt dogs to show on TV they care, and afterwards they send them back on the streets. It was the case of this particular killer dog. Then and only then you would be allowed to tell us we should not bother for the safety of our children. Shame on you!

  29. mutzunake says:

    I am sorry I don’t know your blog this is the first time I am reading it and I am shocked by the number of lies from this article . First of all , if you do not live in Romania and you have not seen the hundred of dogs on the streets and you have not feared to leave your house because there were 12 dogs in front of it, you DO NOT have the right to speak much less to judge what is going on here . Do you know that for the last 6 months there were around 8600 injures provocted by strays ?? Tell me if this seems right to you ? Do you know that in any city of Romania you can not walk , make jogging or pretty much go outside at night without beeing attacked by the dogs gangs ? I do admit that the organisations that received money to solve this problem didn’t do a go job or pretty much no job at all , but again the dogs are so many that even if they would have tried they would have failed . Did you know that the UK, Germany and a lot of other european country had the same problem after the second world war , they were invaded by dogs ? Do you know how they fixed it ? Since you wrote this article I am guessing you don’t know , well let me tell you , they killed all of the strays and then made strict rules for dog owners. Unfortunatly for Romania we have to take this measures now . So please I am inviting you to visit our country , to take a walk at night in any town and after you will be biten by a stray I want you to tell me how does it feel to fear for your life . We do not kill puppies and we do not teach our children to kill puppies , we teach our children to defend them self if they are attacked , this of course if they are strong enough to do so , witch the poor little boy that was killed wasn’t .

    • Jane Ninke says:

      If the strays are that bad, then your country didn’t do anything about it earlier when they should have. Killing them isn’t the solution since not all strays are going to be violent. Perhaps they should catch strays and spay or neuter them. Many countries do that and it has cut the stray dog population way down. It’s tragic that child died but really he should have been supervised by an adult and this wouldn’t have happened. You can’t blame the dogs for the stupidity of a human.

  30. Gabriele Trice says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I will share this on my Facebook page.
    This is shocking and I pray the world finds out about this and together we can do this cruelty on animals.

  31. Helena says:

    So sad a child died but if they were sorting out their stray population humanely, not beating them into crippledom and allowing the poor dogs to be getting pregnant…they wouldn’t have the stray dog issue. This is appalling because they now have the reason they wanted to kill ad lib…so so sad.

  32. Cristian says:

    I am a Romanian living abroad, and I understand your point of view and your values. But reading your article, I can sense that you don’t understand Romanians and the current context. You should try to more pragmatic about it. It is easy to judge and give advice to others, when it is not you or your family who is in danger. And most probably you cannot imagine what is means to live in a city with 64.000 stray dogs, being afraid to bike, run, go around in the evening or go in the park with your kids.

    Romanians are fully aware that the politicians are corrupt and that money do not reach the right pockets. And they are aware what kind of country Romania is, and sadly, most of them are not proud of it. In this context, when they and their kids are in real every day danger, do you think they care about PR and what Europeans will say about it? Things have gone too far to care about all this stuff. Is it a real tragedy that authorities were not able to handle it in a civilized way until now, and I am afraid it is too late now. The death of the 4 year boy was too much, people are too sick of waiting and living in a city full of stray dogs, they have no trust in the corrupted authorities, and for sure they will put a lot of pressure from now on the authorities to remove the stray dogs, giving the possibility of those who want to adopt any to do so. So maybe there is a chance for you to use funds to get some of them or to find them masters. This would be more helpful that talking about what nasty people Romanians are.

    • RJA says:

      Cristian, I know that not all Romanians are cruel, I know several who do rescue work there, against many obstacles, and I have adopted three former street dogs from Romania. But I also know there ARE many extremely cruel people there, I see the photos and videos daily and they sicken me. The whole region needs to change the way they think about dogs, all of Eastern Europe and the Balkans have the same problems, they need TNR and vaccination programs, and they need to educate the people. The majority of these animals are afraid of people, not aggressive. And with good reason. You can’t expect the rest of the world to see what is happening and not be disturbed by it.

  33. L says:

    After you will get bitten by a romanian dog, you will change your way of thinking my friend !
    Good Bye !

  34. John Enach says:

    i am from romnia, buchrest and is true: politicians and fake NGO stolen money. Now they wanna kill dogs.
    i am shame for that…

  35. John Enache says:

    i am from romania and is true. fakle NGO and politician stolen money.
    now, they wanna kill dogs …
    but … if dogs will perish, here will be no funds to stole..
    so i am espect to see in Bucharest 1-2000 dogs masacred in next weeks (in bucharest are 40-65k dogs on streets)
    I am shame…

  36. all_is_mirror says:

    an article full of lies and unskilled metaphoras. (probably as unskilled as my english is) 🙂
    wow… last death was in 2011? and last one before it only in 2006? so we dont have the problem? cmon… in 7 years, only 3 human deaths?
    this was the initial argumentation of this article. this is at least what i understand with my english skills.

    Poor ideas, poor argumentation, invitation to tabloid-reading (romanian kids are trained to kick dogs? WTF… this is like an article i read on an american newspaper few years ago: “romanian vampires are hungry, in bad conditions, they are hiding in forrest”. it was a real article… very funny and very stupid.

    Is clear. Authorities cant fix it. They are too busy prostituting for local votes. Any measure, pro dogs or against dogs, will be punished by electorate. So they stay low profile.

    They invited NGOs to solve it.
    NGOs get funds and forget what they are for.
    Romanian managed NGOs but also foreign animal lovers working here.
    I havent seen sustainable projects of them, they are mostly just taking pictures, crying in the name of the dogs, getting funds and enjoying it.
    Both of them: romanian managed NGOs and foreigner managed NGOs.

    I am, for myself, an animal lover. But i avoid them as much as i can, on streets. I am totally scared of the 64000 dogs living in Bucharest. I was bited several times.
    For my animal affection, i have at home 2 dogs i pick from streets when they were small, and i take care of them. They or their baby-dogs will never go back on streets.

    Solutions? is hard, having this background for dialogue.
    sides blaming eachother, single-sided approaches promoted, and lies and exaggeration like in this article and in most of the posts of this thread.

    Normal solutions can still be applied. By who? german NGOs coming here to get rich? French ones? British ones? romanian local animal lovers?
    Fancy and civilized western investors or NGOs, preaching about normality or values, online, are actually acting like sharks when they are in Romania doing something. Business or dealing such problems.

    For example i quitted my job in an NGO, long time ago, because i was searching jobs for homeless men, instead of teaching them to sing in german “welcome, feed us”, which was actually the desired activity of the german management. Such movies and pictures were gathering huge funds from his country… from of course, normal people like you, trying to help, actually.

    Please have in mind that the level of corruption existing in Romania is also encouraged by the “civilized” countries. A fresh and stupid post-communist population, big enaugh to be an important consumer… most of the big corruption acts guided by stronger countries who blame “savage people there in Romania” without searching deeper who is who.

  37. RJA says:

    What I fail to understand, is how any country that wants to be considered civilized, fails to consider what options will actually work? Slaughtering dogs in large numbers will simply never work, as any remaining dogs, or any released in future by thoughtless owners, will quickly breed to fill the gap. HUMANE trap-neuter-release methods, combined with vaccination programs are working everywhere in the world they have been implemented. This combined with educating the people, and I’m sorry, I know many people involved in dog rescue in Romania and the surrounding nations, and if you want us to believe that many people there are not habitually cruel to dogs, you must think we are all stupid. It is but common sense that some dogs when repeatedly pelted with rocks, beaten and threatened, will become aggressive. The vast majority of dogs there are however just cold, hungry, miserable, injured, sick and frightened. I have three former Romanian street dogs, really wonderful companions, that I brought to Canada, and know several people in the UK who have adopted. The ridiculous comments about anyone who cares coming and taking them all, just shows the general attitude of most Romanians which will never do anything more than perpetuate the problem and the cruel image of Romania which the world is seeing.

  38. Ioana says:

    Hey, it is very easy to put the Romanians on the wall, on all the huge problems that they have with strays or with gipsies or other… but I invite you to live here with these problems only for a month and you will have the same solution as the Romanians have!! it is very easy to blame but it is harder to live!! We have the rights to live decently!! you should militate for a better legislation in order that this things never happen not to blame the desperate solutions! there are a lot of decent and working people that have the rights to live decently as you live not to be frighten by all the dogs from the streets!!

  39. Mihai says:

    What a jerk you have to be to write that stuff! I m ashamed I live on the same planet with you! You, humanitarians, talked the same shit about gypsies in late ’90, but when they came over your countries you treated them badly then we did. You made ghettous for them and pay them to leave. And that after 15 years of talking shit about how Romania discriminates them! The same case here. In your country if a dog isn t revendecate in 10 or 30 days, is euthanasieted. Fucking hypocrits!

  40. eufrosina says:

    These romanian people that left a comment here, are educated egocentrically and are all specisits. They fear dogs because they don’t know how to establish any connection with a domesticated, or wild animal. Don’t even bother believeing in their fears. They deserve it.

  41. Paula says:

    Please, stop blaming an entire country for the actions of few. Don’t let yourselves be blinded by the same ignorant hatred the Romanians you criticize hold against these dogs.

    I am not interested in the sentimental dispute over whether it is right or wrong to kill them, ethically.

    I feel, though, that such actions are harmful to our (Romanians’) image abroad, and that they DO NOT represent the will of the majority. These extreme measures are simply not practical! The method is barbaric! We have examples of good stray management abroad as well as within our borders!

    The Romanians who understand this will never get their voices heard as well as the enraged ones. Please do not judge our people on the basis of these men/women’s behaviour!

    I, for one, am afraid to make my opinion too visible, since … Well, look at the comments above. Sense, it seems, can not be talked into these people.

  42. paulacoroi says:

    Please, stop blaming an entire country for the actions of few. Don’t let yourselves be blinded by the same ignorant hatred the Romanians you criticize hold against these dogs.

    I am not interested in the sentimental dispute over whether it is right or wrong to kill them, ethically.

    I feel, though, that such actions are harmful to our (Romanians’) image abroad, and that they DO NOT represent the will of the majority. These extreme measures are simply not practical! The method is barbaric! We have examples of good stray management abroad as well as within our borders!

    The Romanians who understand this will never get their voices heard as well as the enraged ones. Please do not judge our people on the basis of these men/women’s behaviour!

    I, for one, am afraid to make my opinion too visible, since … Well, look at the comments above. Sense, it seems, can not be talked into these people.

  43. all_is_mirror says:

    that kid was killed because he didnt know how to establish a connection with a domesticated or wild animal.
    Damn it, what they learn in kindergarden?

    we are egocentrically if we say that human is more important than animal? maybe… in this case we are specists. (a word made by myself, meaning we discriminate other species).

    I dont agree killing of dogs. i dont agree dogs on streets also.
    but what i most dont agree is the hipocrisy of people far of the problem, pointing a problem they dont know enaugh.

    and, as i posted above, a lot of lacks of our nation we experience those days are kept as they are because we are more profitable to them (civilized people :)) ), if we remain a stupid mass of buyers.

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