One Dead Child, Bucharest 2nd September 2013

Today in Bucharest a child, aged 4 was apparently killed by Strays. My prayers and thoughts are with the family of that poor child and it is sad a child must die to highlight the plight and desperation of the Romanian street dog population.  We must ask ourselves how this happened and what it means.  I am actually surprised it doesn’t happen more often, given that the stray population of starving and totally desperate dogs in Bucharest alone is between 60.000 and 70.000 dogs, who daily gets kicked, maimed and killed by the members of the public who hate dogs.  Why don’t they attack more often, if indeed the child was attacked in the conventional sense of the word?  If I was a dog, protecting my female, my litter of puppies against cruelty, I would have to bite, and often, instead, most strays are friendly, looking for food and affection and a warm place to sleep. The EU currently allocate in the region of 500mill euros per annum to combat the Romanian stray issue….500mill – and yet there is NO improvement in the number of strays or their health and condition….so where does the money go?  The money lines the pockets of officials and mayors in every city in Romania, who in return starve and kill the dogs in their public shelters…the methods of this and the blackmail they subject rescuers to, will be a topic of a blog in the near future, but for now let us focus on the overall subject, the blame for the tragic accident today.  Romania, the state, the officials, the city councils, the mayors are to blame for this. If you had actually taken the money the EU gives you and had spayed the dog population as you were supposed to, there would, today, 2013, not be any strays on the streets of any city….instead you drive flash cars, dine out in posh places and treat the glamorous girlfriend your wives don’t know about to luxury trips and dinners… are to blame with your greed….you alone. That child did not have to die.  Instead we will see dogs used as target practice, puppies killed and maimed as a revenge attack for the child that died.  The blood is on YOUR hands….shame on you, you greedy bureaucrats. I warn you now, I will show all the pictures of dead and tortured dogs to the world as a result of your greed and incompetence.  Try and stop me, I am Earnest Underdog and I have got your ticket.

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