Welcome to Civilised Europe – Are you sitting comfortably?

Welcome to Civilised Europe - Are you sitting comfortably?

I am a European from a member state and I am angry beyond words. Every day I see the indifference of the EU Commission towards the stray dogs in its member states, in particular Romania and Bulgaria. I witness the lack of will to confront these member states, who are blatantly mistreating their stray population by the thousands, if not millions. Its not acceptable to me, I will not stand by and watch anymore. I am going to name and shame all those responsible one by one. This is my mission, I will stop only when the killing and mistreating stops and when I see those responsible punished. Every day, those responsible will be published here, named and shamed. Feel free to write to me with names and information, pictures and statistics. I am also going to expose those who know, see and do nothing within the EU…if you don’t believe me and the validity of my mission, take a look at the picture…its just another street dog in a cage like so many others, riddled with Dermodex mange, starved and thrown into a cage in a public shelter by dog catchers who happily break backs and legs before they toss the dogs in their vans. This poor dog will be dead in a few days without water or food in a socalled “Shelter”. Public Shelters are death camps, no more, no less. This is the lot of the street dogs in uncivilised places a shame on Europe – Romania and Bulgaria, both receiving vast sums from the EU to tackle their problems. The sad thing is, the funds are never used to help the stray population, they line the pockets of minsters and majors in countries and cities. Mark my words, these countries have no interest in solving the problem, because if they do, the funding will stop. Are we talking about a lot of money? You bet!!! , the annual funding could have gone a long way towards bailing out Greece during the financial melt-down. Enjoy my blog, it will get ugly

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